My platform is built around three principles: Accountability, Community, and Transparency- principles by which all elected representatives should be guided. Are we holding our county accountable for spending more, while important services like CPS and Early Intervention services are underfunded, and understaffed? Do we consider how to support our amazing community of MWBE/LGBTQ+ owned small businesses? Or how to expand job training programs, and support workers’ rights, instead of delaying union contract negotiations? Why not require all county legislature meetings to be live-streamed on social media, with ASL interpretation, and captioning on all video or television messaging from the county?

Do you believe in a better county government? A government that works for the people, because it is made up of people passionate about their communities? A government that chooses to act, instead of react? I do. And that’s why I’m running to represent the 23rd Legislative District in the Monroe County Legislature!

Let’s work together to create a better county government for the 23rd legislative district!



  • responsible spending

Revitalize local economy 

  • support local, small, minority, women, and LGBTQ+ owned businesses and their growth

Support opioid/addiction crisis response

  • expand Narcan training

  • support the work the Sheriff is doing in the jail, with addiction units

  • look at other options, like safe injection sites



End cash bail requirements for non-violent offenders

Fully fund CPS and Early Intervention services

Address homelessness with community investment

Opt in to legalization of marijuana, ensuring tax revenue is reinvested into the community

Declare Monroe County a Sanctuary County, that provides opportunity, and a home for all of its residents 

  • stipulate that the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office is not permitted to share information with ICE/Border Patrol

Put together a county-wide action plan to address climate change, and focus on renewable energy sources



Strengthen Office of Public Integrity

  • create a bi-partisan County Board of Ethics 

Require ASL interpretation or captioning on all county video or television messaging

Livestream monthly County Legislature meetings

Full transparency on decisions by COMIDA, with results tracking