Thank You!

Tonight, the voters of the 23rd legislative district made their choice, and while I didn’t win, I’m grateful for all the support I received since my campaign was launched.

I’d like to congratulate Linda Hasman on winning the primary this evening.

I need to thank a lot of people, who without them, this campaign would have never been possible.

Thank you to:

  • My campaign treasurer- Martin, who has served as my treasurer twice!

  • Everyone who supported me during designation, campaign events, petitioning, and canvassing. Your hard work ensured I was on the ballot, and that several thousand Democrats were contacted.

  • Everyone who was a part of the two different host committees.

  • My donors- your generosity made this campaign possible.

  • To those who signed my petitions, ensuring I was on the ballot.

  • To those who voted for me.

  • My friends, and family.

  • Those who endorsed me.

I’d also like to thank Linda Hasman, and Todd Grady, for running positive, issues-based campaigns.

Now that this race has been decided, we have work to do! We need to work hard to turn out the vote for Adam Bello for our next County Executive, and Shani Curry Mitchell for our next District Attorney. We have an amazing opportunity to move our county forward by electing Adam and Shani.

Thank you.